Our Macrame Owl Wall Deco instructions

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Owl wall deco instructions

You will need 30cm hoop here 

 1 ball of Rico Creativ Natur hemp yarn  /rico-creative-natur-100-hemp.html

DK cotton yarn for the leaves /rico-design-essential-cotton-dk.html

2 x apox 20mm button for the eyes

A branch or a thick twig


Crochet leaves

Chain 13.  1dc in the second chain from the needle. Than one in each chain as follows  - 1dc, 2x half trebles, 2x trebles, 3x double treble, 1treble, 1half treble. In the last chain 3 dc.

Now use other side of the chain and repeat the stitches in opposite order to match the ones in the same chain stitch. Finish by joining into the first dc with slip stitch. Stitch in ends.

Make 7 leaves  or more. To join them in garland attach the thread to the first and just chain by going through the beginning of the next leaf when required. You will have to have the branch already fixed and play around with the distances between the leaves to make it look good on your décor.


 The Owl

Cut the yarn in 56 pieces approximately 160-170 cm (63-67 inches),  but no longer as you can run out of yarn.

Use the yarn double (2 strands together) to “cast on” with 28 larks heads.

From now on use 4 strands (1 larks head) as one strand.

To make the forehead use alternating Square stitch with diagonal double half hitch each side underneath. Beak  is made as Square Knot button. 

Under eyes are large square knots using all strands at the side. Than make a diagonal line with double half hitch knots (4 strands as one).

Now you need to fix your brunch into frame and improvise with square knots for the belly. If you feel you running short on some strands, make sure you do not use them for the legs – I have made one square knot as a base where the owl meets the brunch and then wound yarn around the brunch and knotted below the square knot.

For the tail I knotted all strands together with Square knot using longest 4 strands around the rest of the strands.

If you feel you need it, you can knot a few strands from the tail around the bottom of the frame with double half hitch knot to fix the own into place.

For the fluffy eyes take a strand of the yarn and take the offcuts from the tail and using 3 or 4 strand together use larks head to knot the offcuts onto strand (aprox 12-14 ) Than tie it into circle, trim the length and using needle unravel the yarn to make it fluff up. Stitch into place with button on top.

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