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Sheepskin Footstools

An entirely British made sheepskin footstools, made using 100% British sheepskin and stuffed with offcuts that are generated by hand trimming sheepskin rugs on a daily basis. Available in British Rare Breed and natural white. British rare breed is an assorted mix of natural colours depending on sheepskin availability from lightly mottled cappuccino colours to spotty Jacobs and all brown.

The poufs are a perfect accompaniment to both a rustic cottage or a modern flat in need of natural textures and colours.

Please note that due to variations in fleece length the sizes are approximate - diameter approximately 38cm (15″) with another 8-15cm (3-5″) of fleece length. Height 30cm (12″).

We do photograph each footstool and give them names, so you get exactly what you see on the photos!

We love them so much that we even have given them names!

You cannot have a footstool without a name and if you like Eric, you will get Eric, not Jacob or Shaggy laugh

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Rare Breed British Sheepskin Footstool - Shaggy



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