We are excited to announce that our Tiverton Shop will be reopening on Tuesday 16th June!

New temporary (reviewed weekly) opening hours are

Tuesday - Saturday

10.00 a.m - 3.00 p.m.

Closed Sunday- Monday

From 3.00 - 4.00 personal shopping by appointment (contact us to book)

We have been working hard behind the scenes to make our shop a safe shopping environment for our customers and there will be temporary restrictions and measures in place.

When entering shop, you will have 2 options of shopping to choose from:

1 - Our preferred option - over counter service. You ask for it and we bring it to you!

2 - For those of you who wish to browse.  We can allow in only 1 person (or a group of 2 friends/family per shop floor) due to distancing measures and asking kindly not to bring your family members and friends with you if you can. Same sadly applies to children under 14 years.  Due to guidelines we have been given, we will not be allowing under age of 14 in for a while. You will be asked to leave your bags in safe area and sanitise your hands before proceeding. Plus we will ask you to only touch products you are consider to purchase. That is the most daunting task in the wool shop...

Other service you will not be able to have while social distancing is in place - I will not be giving you one to one advice on your knitting. For my safety I will not be handling anybody's work and to give knitting advice  2 meters away is very difficult. My eyesight is not good enough...

We know these rules sound and look very harsh, but they are there for your protection and it seems it will be the new normal for some time. We can not change the circumstances and closer we work together, sooner we can get back to "Old Normal". 


Our shop in Tiverton, Devon has 2 floors and over 500 square foot floor space. The top floor of the shop is jam-packed with over 2000 varieties of beads and jewellery making findings, components and  ready made jewellery to inspire your creativity. On the ground floor you will find all our lovely wools from vide variety suppliers including Rowan Yarns, Isager, West Yorkshire Spinners, Rico Design, Adriafil and knitting supplies, patterns, books. 

For more info about things happening in store visit our social media pages





You will find us

5 William Street,



EX16 6BJ

Tel: 07525 233 996

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